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Operational partners

Project D10 partners:


IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea):

IFREMER is one of SABELLA’s longstanding partners. In the collaborative project "Sabella D10", IFREMER provides its expertise in terms of: measurement of the acoustic impact on fish and marine mammals, characterisation of antifouling processes, weathering of underwater composite materials, physical modelling in trial basins.
The IFREMER teams have solid and wide-ranging scientific and technical knowledge in the fields required for renewable marine energy projects.





VEOLIA is a partner in the "Sabella D10" project. It provides its knowledge both of the environmental impact of industrial processes and of products throughout their life-cycle. VEOLIA shows clear interest in taking an active part in this demonstration, in order to perfect its knowledge of the constraints of operating tidal turbines and of their use in the desalination of seawater.



BUREAU VERITAS shares its wealth of experience in offshore operations and in research into the monitoring of design and production control. Within its partnership with SABELLA, it is in charge of the qualification and certification of the "Sabella D10" project.


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