Understanding your energy needs

Energy needs
Energy access
Across the globe, many households do not have access to electricity.
Islands and isolated grids
Remoteness, climate conditions and physical constraints exclude the possibility of grid interconnection.
Clean energy mix
The increasing scarcity and soaring costs of fossil fuels promote sustainable development and the diversification of energy production modes.
Electricity supply security
With the expansion of the interconnected network, local energy autonomy provides security for the electricity supply to end-of-grid regions.
Energy access


Across the globe, many households do not have access to electricity. There are many cases in which connection to the electricity supply network comes up against technical or environmental difficulties, and can in some cases prove more costly than the installation of an autonomous renewable solution.

This issue of energy access can concern individual homes or isolated villages.

Demographic and economic expansion is often concentrated near to watercourses or waterways, which could have a hydrokinetic potential conducive to the deployment of turbines.


Our analysis:

This situation is generally characterised by low energy requirements: a few kW to a few dozen kW at a single consumption point or a starting point for a local microgrid. On some of these remote sites, the lack of major logistical means and of maintenance expertise must be taken into account, demanding easy-to-use solutions and very robust, rustic technologies.


Our solution:

SABELLA develops technologies suited to low power needs, that comply with reliability and durability criteria and are easy to install and to maintain.





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