Sabella Energie Inc.
SABELLA ENERGY Inc., a company incorporated under Canadian law, is the result of a shared appreciation of the relevance of river turbine power between Quebec-based companies SPGHYDRO and ENVITECH, and their French partner SABELLA SAS. The Quebec-based companies identified the French solution based on its transferable assets for unidirectional river energy.

SABELLA ENERGY Inc. develops a river turbine technology that targets the “3 Americas” market.
SABELLA ENERGY Inc., as part of Quebec’s ambitious energy "Plan Nord", has met with strong support from territorial public stakeholders.

In mid-2012, it plans to give a demonstration of the river turbine "SR-01" in the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, a project that has caught the attention of HYDRO QUEBEC and is much awaited. For 2013, plans are afoot to install a demonstration turbine SR-02 in Canada’s Far North.



SABELLA: a cleantech opportunity
Financial stakeholders and investors potentially interested in this project are invited to contact the company. An “Investors’ Memorandum”, produced in collaboration with PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS, is at their disposal, subject to a confidentiality agreement.
NB: This operation is not aimed at direct subscription of legal person investors, except through a holding.




12/2005 Homologation of the MARENERGIE project by the Brittany Maritime Cluster
05/2007 Support from the Region of Brittany for the “SABELLA D03” project
04/2008 Immersion of "SABELLA D03", the first French submarine tidal stream turbine - 1
12/2008 Engineer of the Year 2008 Award (Usine nouvelle)
03/2009 “Durable ACTINE STRATEGIE” Award, INNOVACT 2009
04/2009 End of “SABELLA D03” in situ trials
06/2009 "SABELLA D03” on exhibit at OCEANOPOLIS – 3 -
01/2010 Creation with Canadian partners of the subsidiary SABELLA ENERGY Inc.





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