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SABELLA marine technologies

Following the promising "D03" experimentation, SABELLA was keen to strengthen its industrial credibility by producing a full-scale demonstrator: "Sabella D10" (500 kW power). Future tidal turbine farm sites could require turbines with a wide range of capacities (0.3 to 2MW).


As a tidal turbine’s production capacity mainly depends on the hydrokinetic variable, SABELLA offers the range “D10”, “D12” and “D15” to meet market demands according to the velocities encountered.

The table below provides a few examples of capacities encountered.


Speed  "D10": 10 m diameter  "D12": 12 m diameter   "D15": 15 m diameter
2.5 m/s 0.3 MW 0.4 MW 0.6 MW
3.0 m/s 0.5 MW 0.7 MW 1 MW
3.5 m/s 0.75 MW 1 MW 1.6 MW
4.0 m/s 1.1 MW 1.5 MW 2.5 MW


These bidirectional turbines can be installed in marine or estuarine sites. The homothetic relationship between the different machines in this range and the demonstrator D10 enables the industrialisation of the machines “D12” and “D15” to be planned for 2013. These 1 to 2 MW turbines are designed to feature in the infrastructure of sites identified by energy providers.



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