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Technology and R&D

Technology built to operate in hostile environments

SABELLA has developed specialised technology based on an original concept of a screen of turbines positioned on the seafloor.

SABELLA’s subsea tidal turbine concept is differentiated from technologies emerging around the world by its simplicity and its robust build, a guarantee of its reliability and low maintenance in a hostile, difficult access environment.

It is characterised by a turbine configuration on the seafloor, without impinging on the surface. These turbines are stabilised by gravity and/or are anchored according to the nature of the seafloor.

They are pre-orientated in the direction of the tidal currents, and the profile of their symmetrical blades helps to capture the ebb and flow. The rotor activated, at slow speeds (10 to 15 rpm), by the tides powers a generator, which exports the electricity produced to the coast via a submarine cable anchored and embedded at its landfall.

Like wind turbines, a power conversion/transformation module regulates electricity produced by the variable speed generator to deliver an electric signal in compliance with the specifications of the local grid.

The dimensions of the turbines are adapted to suit the bathymetry of the site to prevent disturbance to navigation and to keep the effects of swell to a minimum. Furthermore, sites with strong currents are not areas suitable for deep-sea fishing (trawlers, pot haulers, gill-netters). Only line vessels, fishing for sea bass, operate in these areas.

The choice of turbine installation sites will be made in conjunction with all sea users, and in particular the fishing industry, so as to avoid disturbing spawning areas or generating conflicts of use.





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